Local Businesses & Events

Clients would be aware of my involvement over the years with many local fundraising events.  I am passionate about our community and its future.  I would like to promote local businesses who generously support our 'not for profit' organisations within our community and in return encourage locals to support those businesses.

To continue the philosophy of a project called PatchNetworks and its important message to "Live Local, Shop Local" I would like to offer businesses the opportunity to link to my clients and ultimately the wider community.

Do you have a business in the Hills that holds similar values, and understands the importance of supporting 'not for profit' groups? Would you like to secure the future of businesses, families and communities of the Dandenong Ranges by becoming part of a like minded network?  If you feel that you may fit this category please fill out the form below and we will review and list the details.

Not for profit’ organisations in the Hills can promote their events through my website. Please contact me to share your details and they can be featured on this page.