Signature Facial Treatments

Focus - Intensive Eye Contour Treatment

pore_refiner eye

The tissues around the eye contour are the most thinnest and delicate.  From an early age the fine lines of dehydration and inelastic tissues herald the first signs of aging skin.


Designed specifically to combat the aging of the eye contour, this intensive salon only treatment incorporates science and nature.  It delivers the latest technological active ingredients to assist in the alleviation of visible signs of aging, puffiness and fine lines caused by dehydration.  With specific massage movements it delivers outstanding results using 100% fragrance free and opthalmologically tested formulation of natural origin suitable for even the most delicate of skin.

30 Mins




Ampoule Infusion

A customised facial treatment designed to help maintain a healthy complexion. Incorporates European methods to gently exfoliate and deep cleanse skin.
A melody of nature’s best: grapefruit, aloe vera or honey extract cleanses the skin while a gentle exfoliation brings instant radiance to the skin.
Thereafter, a customised ampoule, a relaxing facial massage and mask treatment, rejuvenates and illuminates the complexion.


A good maintenance program - keeping to the basics.




Beauty Garden 'Organic' Facial

Beauty_Garden_exp_31_01_2013 sml

For the eco-conscious salon guest, nature's organic garden blossoms for your skin.  Escape from the stress of modern times, avoid city pollution and create your own link with nature.  Reveal the best of nature with this 100% organic treatment featuring cherry bud extract, sunflower & lavender.


Emerge with a supple, revitalised and brighter skin.




Collagene Hyaluronique


Collagen_Hyaluronic_face_exp_14_08_2012 sml

This exclusive facial combines a cosmeceutical complex with anti-aging actives. A customised anti-aging facial that packs a powerful punch of peptides, antioxidants, collagen and hyaluronic filling agents. Reveal a more youthful skin as if you have turned back the hands of time. A mineral microdermabrasion of volcanic rock and salicylic acid will prepare the skin to receive the "injection-like" effects of our wrinkle filling serums.  Next comes a relaxing facial massage with our patented elasticity revealer followed by a collagen lifting mask to plump and repair the skin.


The result - look years younger.

75 min



Hydro-Thermic Facial

The self heating action of the Thermic mask offers a warm, hydrating treatment for dehydrated 'winter' skins.  This facial quenches the skin with moisture leaving it soft, supple, fresh and silky to the touch.
60 min



Hydroptimale Intense Hydrating

Winter 09 Facesml

Dehydration compounded with unprotected sun exposure is the prime accelerator of skin aging in Australia.   To combat the elements this delightful and relaxing treatment is specifically designed for a dehydrated skin to help maintain the skins natural water balance.  Skin softness is restored and a more youthful appearance is immediately visible.  A thirst quenching mask and sensorial silk textured serums indulge and caress your skin. 


Your mind, spirit and soul are swept away with an exclusive soothing and relaxing cocooning method.

75 min



Seasonal Facial

face roll img02sml

This unique limited edition facial treatment incorporates the purest ingredients from each season's harvest.  Packed with antioxidants to help restore and brighten skin ravaged by the elements.  Enjoy a new melody of ingredients with the change of season, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.  Previous seasonal treatments include Tangerine & Ginger, Green Tea & Cinnamon and Fig & Sandalwood. 


What are this season's key ingredients - view "What's New"?

40 min



Vitamin C Cocktail - Flash Beaute

UV exposure, stress and pollutants can often lead to premature aging of the skin.  This powerful cocktail incorporates anti-oxidant multivitamins together with concentrated essences of orange, mandarin and lemon and is the ideal antidote for tired, dull & lifeless or stressed skins. 


A great pic-me-up for people on the go.

60 min



[W.]+ Brightening Treatment

Corporate_7_EXP_15_10_2012 face sml

Sothys [W.]+ Brightening treatment and retail line is designed to create a brightening effect on dull or sallow skins lacking oxygen and vitality. The resulting effect increases skin clarity and radiance while targeting age spots and pigmented zones.

The treatment utilises pure crystalline Vitamin C with a unique liquid phase delivery system to efficiently transport the Vitamin C into the skin. The serum is incorporated into the Resurfacing Peeling technique as an extra phase where Vitamin C and Hydroxyl acids create a perfect synergy. The retail line uses a new complex with vectorised Vitamin C (sometimes called "Super-C") for its ability to have 10x the absorption potency of other forms of Vitamin C. Retail products include an anti ageing Lotion, Double serum and Treatment cream.

Sothys [W.]+ Brightening treatment is designed to create a brightening effect on a dull and sallow skin lacking oxygen and vitality. 

The resulting effect is illuminating!

75 min