[W.]+ Brightening Treatment

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Sothys [W.]+ Brightening treatment and retail line is designed to create a brightening effect on dull or sallow skins lacking oxygen and vitality. The resulting effect increases skin clarity and radiance while targeting age spots and pigmented zones.

The treatment utilises pure crystalline Vitamin C with a unique liquid phase delivery system to efficiently transport the Vitamin C into the skin. The serum is incorporated into the Resurfacing Peeling technique as an extra phase where Vitamin C and Hydroxyl acids create a perfect synergy. The retail line uses a new complex with vectorised Vitamin C (sometimes called "Super-C") for its ability to have 10x the absorption potency of other forms of Vitamin C. Retail products include an anti ageing Lotion, Double serum and Treatment cream.

Sothys [W.]+ Brightening treatment is designed to create a brightening effect on a dull and sallow skin lacking oxygen and vitality. 

The resulting effect is illuminating!

75 min