Waxing - Femme

Waxing - Femme

To make waxing as painless as possible I use exclusively Mancine products.  Mancine use only the highest quality ingredients, organic, natural and environmentally friendly. Their waxes remove the shortest of hairs, leaving the skin perfectly clean and silky smooth.
For the best possible leg wax I use Mancine Pure Olive Oil strip wax.  Formulated for use at low temperatures and strong enough to grip and remove the toughest hair leaving no sticky residue.  A natural, soothing wax, perfect for sensitive skin.  You can expect outstanding results every time.
For all other areas of the body you are treated to Mancine Brazilian Rose hot wax, Australia's No.1 natural XXX wax.  With ingredients that nurture the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.  Excellent on the most sensitive skins... anywhere.
 I do not recycle wax!



Eyebrow Design & Sculpture

20 Mins $25.00


Eyebrow Maintenance

10 Mins $13.00


Bikini from...

15 Mins $15.00


G String

20 Mins $23.00



30-45 Mins $33.00


Full Bikini

45-60 Mins  $43.00 


Lower Leg

15 Mins  $22.00 


3/4 Leg

20 Mins  $28.00 


Upper Leg

20 Mins  $28.00 


Full Leg

30 Mins  $35.00 


Chin from...

5 Mins  $8.00 


Lip from...

5 Mins  $8.00 


Sides of Face from...

5-10 Mins  $10.00 



5-10 Mins  $14.00 


Lower Arm

 15 Mins $18.00 


Full Arm

20 Mins $23.00